Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gerry Conway

Oh how I love Gerry Conway, the often forgotten writer of one of the best Spider-Man runs in history (which included both the deaths of Gwen Stacy and the Green Goblin and the introduction of the Punisher). However, here I'm going to talk about something at the other end of the quality spectrum, his 10 issue run on Marvel Team-Up.

Comics just aren't made like this anymore, awful on one level, but more fun then anything being written nowadays on another. Take my favorite issue from this run #28 as an example. In this issue Spider-Man and this issue's guest star Hercules are captured while failing to stop the theft of Manhattan. The entire island is ripped off its moorings and is towed into the middle of Atlantic where it is held for ransom. The two heroes escape their captors (scientists in mechas) and Hercules single handedly tows the island back to its original location (what he's standing on while accomplishing this feat is not entirely clear). The issue ends with both Spidey and Hercules ignoring the Mayor's complaints about the damages that must have been done to the bridges and tunnels (complaints that are actually echoed by the editor in the closing caption). This is just escapism at its best.

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