Monday, May 14, 2007

Hooray for long car rides!

I finished listening to A Fine and Private Place by (and read by) Peter S. Beagle. It was a flat out beautiful novel and a very sweet love story to boot. It was even profound on quite a few occasions.

Now for a complete change of pace, I'm moving on to a reading of Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, read by Stanley Tucci. I'm about half way through the thing and it's a riot, albeit an exceptionally cynical one.

Over the weekend I also finished reading Mike Carey and John Bolton's latest graphic novel, God Save the Queen. The artwork was beautiful and the story was well written, but I think I've reached my limit on Vertigo books featuring Titania. I get the evil fairies idea already, it's time to move on. That being said, I do love Mike Carey a great deal, Crossing Midnight is rapidly becoming one of my favorite monthly titles, and I can't wait for his movie and his first novel to both be released later this year.

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zandperl said...

I ILL'd TWOT #5, and it came in finally, and for some stupid reason the librarian who put in the ILL didn't read the notes I put on the (physical) ILL form to get that specific ISBN for the unabridged Audio CD and it was instead a hardcover version. *shakes head* Silly. Now I have to wait more again.