Thursday, June 07, 2007

Heart Shaped Box and some more comics

I finished listening to the audio book of Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box today. I have mixed feelings about this one. In the plus column it was the first horror story in quite some time that made me feel genuinely creepy at times. However, the book could have been pared down quite a bit. The end of the book had more epilogues than the Lord of the Rings.

I also finished reading Showcase Presents: the Flash, which reprinted the earliest Barry Allen Flash stories. By silver age DC standards, this book was phenomenal, the characters nearly had personalities. But more importantly, this is the book that began the silver age of comics, and it holds up surprisingly well. The stories are often brilliantly imaginative, particularly when the Mirror Master is involved. Although, I do have to mark it down a bit for the issue with Mr. Element (later Dr. Alchemy), who breaths in pure oxygen through a mask solely to bolster his villain motif.

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