Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Devil You Know

Mike Carey has rapidly become my favorite comics writer (with the possible exception of Ed Brubaker). His range as an author is nothing short of extraordinary. Over the last few years he's written metaphysical fantasy (Lucifer), high concept S.F. (Ultimate Fantastic Four), high-school romantic comedy (Re-Gifters, My Faith in Frankie), and is currently trying to salvage the X-Men franchise almost single-handedly.

And now he's written his first novel in a series that his publisher has no idea how to market. The Devil You Know is what you get when you combine John Constantine and Phillip Marlow, and attempt to make the result ever so slightly light hearted (thanks to the introduction at the end of the book of a token wacky sidekick). The cover seems to be aimed at the Dan Brown market, while the description on the jacket almost makes it sound like a comedy

But marketing aside, the book is fairly good. It's not up there with the best up Carey's work, and it's impossible not to compare it to his lengthy run on Hellblazer, but it's a lot of fun to read and the character's are all wonderfully fleshed out. If given the chance, I think Carey can make an excellent series out of this.

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