Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Brian Wood's DMZ is the latest bit of genius to come out of Vertigo. The high concept this time around is that a new civil war has erupted in the U.S. leaving New York City as a demilitarized zone between the two stalemated armies. With that as background, Wood is free to focus on the lives of the bystanders still living in the city, while basing the larger story arcs around allegories of current events.

For this review I just finished the third volume of the series, Public Works, in which Wood turns his gaze on Halliburton. In this story Matty Roth, the point of view character for the series, investigates the thinly veiled company, encountering corporate leaders, civilians, and yes terrorists along the way. Yet Wood never lays his politics on too thickly.

This is a great series, and I think it's just beginning to hit its stride.

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