Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sorry for being lax in my posts again. This is what I get for splitting my reading time. The upside is I'll probably end up finishing three books in a week.

Anyway, I just wrapped up vol. 4 of the Essential Daredevil. This book was really disappointing to me. On the creator side it had the great Gene Colan on art, and the holy trinity of Marvel 70's writers (Steve Gerber, Gerry Conway and for one issue Steve Engleheart) and it was still a complete misfire. Furthermore, this is the volume in which the Black Widow entered the cast as DD's sorta, kinda, but not really s/o.

This book should have been so much better. The art was good, but not up with Colan's better work. The Widow's back story interrupted the stories far too often, with her chauffeur/father-figure Ivan serving no function. The semi-famous story with the Black Widow standing trial for murder (or for as she puts it, "the crime of being a Russian"), was done in an issue and really never went anywhere. And taking DD out of Hell's Kitchen and putting him in San Francisco was probably the dumbest move in the entire run of the comic.

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