Thursday, November 08, 2007

God of the Razor

It took a few extra days, but I've now gotten through my annual Halloween horror reading. This year's entry was Joe R. Lansdale's God of the Razor. The book is actually a reprinting of one of Lansdale's earlier novels, the Nightrunners, along with an assortment of short stories that were influenced in part by it.

The main story is far from being one of Lansdale's best, but according to the author it is where he first found his proper voice. I can definitely see that in the book, although it does lack some of the pulp sensibilities he picked up when he moved into writing mysteries (not to mention the occasional Batman story).

The short stories are a bit more interesting, although their exact ties to the Nightrunners are often a stretch. Two of them are only in the collection because of descriptive passages that were cribbed from the larger work. And then there's Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, which was probably included because it was recently made into an episode of Showtime's Masters of Horror. It also just so happens to be one of the creepiest stories I've ever read and it certainly made for a nice Halloween capstone.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Batman Stories, in the 1989 "The Further Adventures of Batman," (Bantam Books Copyright DC Comics) is a Story called "Subway Jack." written by one Joe R. Lansdale. It is an interesting tale of the Dark Knight vs. the God of the Razor. Entertaining read.