Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Scott Pilgrim

A few weeks back I posted about Bryan Lee O'Malley's first Scott Pilgrim book. Now, thanks to the same friend who loaned me that book, I've had the chance to read the next two, and my enthusiasm for this series has only grown.

O'Malley has created a world (a.k.a. Toronto) where the rules keep becoming more absurd, and yet it feels like reality. Granted it is a place where Vegans have psychic powers, evil ex-boyfriends can be turned into coins and power ups, and where the fourth wall is broken at every turn, yet it all feels grounded. O'Malley just makes this legerdemain seem completely effortless and fills every page with happiness.

The fourth volume in the series comes out today (I've got my copy on order) and I don't expect to be disappointed.

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