Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sick day comics

I caught a lovely cold while visiting my family for Thanksgiving, so I've trying to catch up a bit while laid up. So here's a brief 4 in one write-up.

First of all was Jellyfist, a bizarre round robin comic that marked the return of Jhonen Vasquez after the cancellation of his sometimes ingenious cartoon Invader Zim. This was one of Vasquez's more nonsensical comics, but it was fun nonetheless. And as a bonus each of the 1-3 page strips in the book included commentaries that were equally fun to read.

Next came the Goon: Chinatown, the first Goon story by Eric Powell to be released as an original graphic novel. This story was singled out from the ongoing series for a number of reasons. The story, which is primarily a flashback to when the Goon had has heart broken and his face mangled, lacks the humor (as well as the zombies and mad scientists), which the series is best known for. But it's a testament to just how good Powell is that it still feels like a perfect fit with the rest of the series. And Powell's art just keeps getting better.

Then this morning I read the 4th Scott Pilgrim book, Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together. There's really nothing I can say that I won't be repeating from my comments regarding the first three books. Every time I've finished one of these I just have a big stupid grin on my face, and I'm not sure what better praise there is.

Which, at last brings me to Flink, Doug TenNapel's latest book. This one feels a bit like TenNapel is repeating himself. It's still an excellent comic, but the boy and his Sasquatch plot feels a little too similar to his boy and his T-Rex book, Tommysaurus Rex.

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