Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stop Forgetting to Remember

Last night the nearby Norman Rockwell Museum opened an excellent graphic novel exhibit and quite a few of the artists who were represented were in attendance. The highlight for me by far was the chance to meet Peter Kuper, and getting him to autograph my copy of the first issue of the System.

While I was there I bought a copy of his autobiography, Stop Forgetting to Remember, and actually got him to sign that as well. And today I read through it in a single sitting, and rediscovered just what a masterful artist Kuper can be. Kuper, via his fictional alter-ego Walter Kurtz, tells the story of his experiments with drug use as a teenager, his quest to lose his virginity, the birth of his daughter, his frustration with the Bush White House, and his attempts to publish the book I'm holding now.

The entire book is astonishingly honest, despite telling the story through a fictionalized version of himself (as well as admittedly exaggerating the quality of his studio). This is enhanced by the incredibly expressionistic artwork that mirrors the work of Edvard Munch on more than one occasion. The talk Kuper gave at the exhibit opening last night was all about the passion he holds for this medium, and its nice to see that his enthusiasm is not being wasted.

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