Thursday, January 17, 2008

Castle Waiting

Linda Medley's Castle Waiting is just a wonderful comic, and I'm not just saying that because it features a bearded nun who hides a copy of Jurgen in her bible (if you aren't familiar with Jurgen then go out and read it right now). Medley has taken a fairly basic concept (what happens to Sleeping Beauty's kingdom after she runs off with Prince Charming) and has made it something utterly unique and wonderful.

Ultimately, the book comes down to a series of character studies, but thrives on the strength of those characters. The bearded nun is not an isolated standout, but part of an astoundingly diverse cast.

The only flaw to be detected in the book can be attributed to its troubled publishing history. Castle Waiting began as a self-published book, then changed to Jeff Smith's Cartoon Books imprint, and then came to a premature conclusion so it could go on hiatus back in 2001 due to low sales.

Fortunately, Fantagraphics has come to the rescue and we can look forward to the story continuing at last.

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