Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Essential Moon Knight Vol.2

Moon Knight was never one of Marvel's better characters, despite having one of the better costumes. In fact the character has probably mostly endured based upon the quality of the artists that have worked on him (David Finch, Kevin Nowlan, and for most of this book Bill Sienkiewicz). The character himself is just odd. He's a Batman knock off, who began life as a villain for Werewolf By Night, whose defining characteristic is that he has 4 aliases and occasionally has bouts of multiple personality syndrome because of that. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that he's a Jew who worships the Egyptian God of the moon, who resurrected him on a few occasions.

This particular volume finishes the Doug Moench/Bill Sienkiewicz run, which was probably the character's high point. These stories introduced Morpheus and Stained Glass Scarlet, who were both surprisingly interesting antagonists, but they also spent far too much time on Nimrod Strange and his Slayers "did we mention they're a coalition of extreme leftist and rightist terrorists dedicated to the overthrow of all governments" Elite.

But the real star of this book is Bill Sienkiewicz, a phenomenal artist who is very rarely given material to work with that suits his surreal style. Next to his Daredevil/Elektra collaborations with Frank Miller, this is probably his best work for Marvel. This is also one of the times when I'm thankful for Marvel's black and white editions, as Sienkiewicz's pencils have often been obscured by the colorists who worked with him.

All in all a surprisingly decent collection.

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