Monday, March 03, 2008

Captain America

It's probably fairly obvious at this point, but I read a lot of comics, far more than I ever have the time to review here. I've tried to limit my write ups to collected editions, which means that I've skipped anything I'm reading on a monthly basis. However, I feel I must speak up a bit about Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting's current run on Captain America.

This book is unquestionably the greatest superhero book being written today, and is probably the best one to be written in the time that I've been a serious comics junky (I started in 91). Brubaker was always an incredibly good writer, or at least he has been on his creator owned books. But this book just brings him to a whole different level.

Every issue to date has been thrilling, ballsy, and at the same time true to the history of the character. Killing the lead character and continuing the story without him would have been enough to prove Brubaker's fearlessness as a writer, but he doesn't stop there. Resurrecting Bucky, who a few years ago people would have been listed along with Spider-Man's Uncle Ben as a sacrosanct death in comics history would have been enough. Reviving Cap's paltry rogues gallery by somehow making the crew of misfits (including Doctor Faustus, a super villain based on Freud and Arnim Zola, a mad scientist who decapitated himself and now has his face appear on a tv screen in his stomach) both menacing and genuinely fascinating to watch, would have been enough. Put together the book has become a work of genius, and the best part is that the story isn't over yet.

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