Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rogues in the House

For a while now Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord, in the pages of Dark Horse's latest Conan revival, have been telling the best stories ever to feature the character, not actually written by Robert E. Howard. Well as of the fifth collection, Rogues in the House, Busiek is gone and Timothy Truman has been given the inenvious task of following one of the truly great runs in modern comics.

Fortunately Truman is without question the right man for the job. The quality of the writing continues the high standards Busiek set, while still remaining remarkably faithful to the source material. Furthermore it is clear that Truman adores the character and his history. I came very close to not picking up this book due to Busiek's departure, but I am enormously glad that I changed my mind and I eagerly look forward to the next one.

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