Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Batman Chronicles Vol.3

DC's chronological reprint of every Batman story continues into 1941 in Vol. 3 of the Batman Chronicles. By now Batman has lost his Dark Knight image fully in favor of becoming a better role model to Robin. However, the lighter tone is nicely balanced by some more interesting stories then those which were seen previously. In addition to a pair of classic Joker stories and the return of Clayface. Batman and Robin also square off against a witch, and a pirate ship.

The best story in this collection is a tribute to Jimmy Cagney's classic film, the Public Enemy, which features a oddly prescient mother-fixated antagonist that's akin to Cagney's role in White Heat, a film that wasn't released for another 8 years.

All in all a fun read, and worth reading for the historical value alone.

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