Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fourth World Vol.4

At last, DC has finished collecting Jack Kirby's Fourth World. Sadly volume four cannot help but disappoint after the prior three. This book covers the end of the story, which really just gradually faded from existence. Back in volume 3, Kirby ended his run on Jimmy Olsen, and vol. 4 begins with the final issues of the New Gods and the Forever People (both were canceled abruptly). Kirby managed to stretch Mister Miracle out a little longer by distancing it from the Fourth World epic, but it to came to an early end.

The highlight of this book is the Hunger Dogs, a graphic novel DC hired Kirby to write that was supposed to wrap up the entire story. The rough plot Kirby had worked out was designed to be written over 3 comics for 2 years. Obviously the Hunger Dogs comes off feeling a little rushed at best. Still, it almost succeeds on pure ambition alone, and as always Kirby's art is capable of carrying even the worst of stories.

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