Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nixon's Pals

Joe Casey's latest book, Nixon's Pals, was unfortunately a disappointment. I've followed Casey's work since he first launched his career by taking over Cable from James Robinson. He probably has the most distinctive voice of any American comics writer working today. When he is in top form (Godland, Automatic Kafka) he becomes one of today's greatest writers (just not in terms of sales).

However, Casey also writes a lot of fairly average work for hire. Which is why Nixon's Pals (an Image published OGN) caught me off guard when it felt like one of those with the exception of being slightly more over the top (it features a woman whose face is swapped with her nipples). Actually, I can't help but compare this book to Mark Millar's Wanted (coming soon to a theater near you).

This kind of feels like a response to it, in fact it has the exact opposite premise. Wanted concerned an average guy who becomes attracted to the exciting life of a super-villain. Nixon's Pals is about a parole officer who tries to convince super-villains to lead ordinary lives instead. It's not a bad concept, it just doesn't quite live up to what I know Casey is capable of.

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