Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dearly Devoted Dexter

Dearly Devoted Dexter is the second novel to feature the serial killing title character. The story improves quite a bit on the original book. The first often felt like the author, Jeff Linday, had to try too hard to be clever. He seems far more assured now and the characters are all a bit more defined.

However, much like the first book the plot isn't terribly interesting. Granted I'm probably a bit biased from having first seen the show which borrows plot elements from these two books and builds a far more satisfying story out of them. The story here mostly suffers from being predictable, while trying to hide this fact behind an over the top crime that's there for the sake of shock value alone.

Still I enjoyed the book, the character of Dexter is just fascinating enough to carry the book along, and the ways in which he reacts to any given situation are consistently brilliant. I'm not sure how much longer Lindsay can continue these stories before they start feeling tiresome, but I suspect Dexter will be able to carry these books for quite some time.

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