Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Essential Iron Man Vol.3

To coincide with the movie (two thumbs up) I decided to read through some old Iron Man comics. Now Iron Man has always been a frustrating comic for me. I love the character, he's one of the best that Marvel has. He also has one of the better rogues galleries (as long as you can look past the cold war origins for nearly all of them). Yet there have been remarkable few classic Iron Man comics. The David Micheline/Bob Layton run in the 80's is really about it.

Still, this volume comprises one of the better portions. Archie Goodwin, Allyn Brodsky & Gerry Conway handle most of the writing, with the art George Tuska, Don Heck, and legendary EC artist Johnny Craig. These stories are mostly notable for introducing 3 of the series better (non-communist villains), Madame Masque, the Controller, and Spymaster. The actual stories are mostly forgettable, although fun in a silver age way.

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