Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Showcase Presents Justice League of America Vol.3

The old Gardner Fox stories contained in this third collection of the Justice League of America are a bit of a mixed bag. The stories suffer a lot from the same poor characterization displayed in the prior two volumes. Every member of the league (with the possible exception of Snapper Carr) is an interchangeable blank slate. The only personality characteristic they all share is to be insufferably nice.

Granted that was pretty much the house style for DC at this point in time, but when the characters are all sharing the same stage it becomes that much more glaring. Still this book is a big improvement over the prior two. The plots have become a little more interesting and the villains are start to come into their own at last (with the debuts of the Key, the Shaggy Man, and the Royal Flush Gang). But the highlight of this collection is without a doubt the three JLA/JSA crisis team-ups, which are just a lot of fun to read still and which have a far greater sense of scale.

So there are some good comics in here, but ultimately it just reminds me of why I became a Marvel junkie.

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