Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Amphigorey Again

Edward Gorey is a legend, plain and simple. He was one of the few truly unique storytellers the world has ever seen. And thus I had extraordinarily high expectations for the final collection of his work, Amphigorey Again. Sadly the book did not quite reach them, but then there was really no way it possibly could.

This book collects whatever pieces didn't make it into the other 3 Amphigorey collections. There are a few standouts, I particularly like the two stories featuring the Bahhumbug, The Haunted Tea-Cosy and the Headless Bust. But many of the tales presented here are leftover story ideas, a few of which were never completed.

Of course being from Gorey these are all impeccable examples of his skill. But in the end I can only recommend this collection for Gorey completeists . For everyone else, stick with the other three books in the series

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