Sunday, June 22, 2008

Born on the Battlefield

Dark Horse's current Conan comic has the distinction of being the only Conan adaptation that has ever matched the greatness of the original Robert E. Howard stories. More than one reviewer has actually said that they're better (they're very close to my mind). The comic regularly features gorgeous art from Cary Nord, and Kurt Busiek's writing is an unbelievably faithful take on the Conan mythos.

And scattered throughout the ongoing story have been a series of tales from Conan's youth, featuring the amazing Greg Ruth on art. I had trouble with these comics originally, Ruth's art was a huge departure from Nord's, and the idea of an ongoing story that was only progressed every half dozen issues or so drove me nuts. Fortunately they have now been collected together into Born On the Battlefield, and I think it's now my favorite arc the series has had. Highly recommended.

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