Monday, June 16, 2008

Deadpool Classic

Deadpool is the most recent major comic character that no publisher knows what to do with. He's currently about to make his 3rd attempt at an ongoing series, not counting when he was sharing the lead of Cable/Deadpool or when he temporarily lost his own comic to Agent X for a year. There are two main reasons for why these various attempts never last. First of all the Merc with the Mouth is a simply bizarre sort of character for a heroic lead. And second, Deadpool has been living in the shadow of the Joe Kelly run on the title ever since Kelly left.

Which finally brings me to the first volume of Deadpool Classic. As I've just said the only classic Deadpool stories were the Joe Kelly ones, only the first issue of which is in this collection. This issue launched the careers of both Kelly and artist Ed McGuinness and lead to one of the best runs in recent Marvel history, which will hopefully get collected in a future volume.

The rest of this book is made up of Deadpool's first appearance in the New Mutants and the two mini-series that predated his ongoing, written by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Waid. The Nicieza series was an enjoyable enough action story, but was largely forgettable. The Mark Waid follow-up was a bit more interesting as it advanced Deadpool's character quite a bit by setting him up as a killer with the potential to become someone better. These are all good reads, but all this book really does is make me want the second, all Joe Kelly volume.

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